What’s the Cost of Starting a New Online Business?

The bandwagon of online businesses is the new hotshot of the town. No matter you run a small or large scale business, having an online store has become a necessity. Among all business categories, fashion and home utility stores have become one major center of attraction which is doing quite well in terms of online business. Now you can witness it all from the popular Kaftan dresses store from Australia which has earned a lot of fame & recognition in no time.

Generally, when a website is been developed with the perspective of business, there’s a lot of things to be kept in mind. May be the product range, graphics or the static design, theme of the website may vary but the procedure remains the same.

And it is-

  1. Developing a dynamic and user-interactive website – The website development process of an e-commerce and non-e-commerce website is quite different. It includes almost the basic structure of the website including- purchasing the web hosting, domain registration, developing a basic website design, creating a backend option for accepting online payments and much more. Apart from all this, there’s a lot to be done in terms of product placement. Usually, it is done only when you have a series of product. For instance- a renowned brand name like- SidChrome tool kits or JD MacDonald has a range of products to offer. For all this, a separate section is required where you can display and segregate your products. And this is where, the major developing change occurs. For all this, may be a website developer may ask you for $5,000. This completely depends on the quality and experience of the developer which may vary the charges.

  1. Designing a logo and accomplishing other designing demands – Once the development work is done, then comes the logo and graphic designing which may go a bit higher than the development work. Generally, a logo design is what costs you more than anything. In terms of designing, never compromise on quality. No matter if you have to spend some extra bucks, just go for it so, you at least get a quality product in return. Designing may cost you around $5500 or may be more than that.
  1. Implementing the necessary marketing strategies – At last, you have to go for the right marketing tactics that can bring you a good number of leads. And in order to get an adequate amount of traffic on your website, getting your hands on the right marketing skills is necessary. Try everything, right from SEO (search engine optimization) to paid marketing; get your hands on everything. Now, when it comes to marketing, analyze for how long you need the marketing assistance. Contact a marketing agency like refonte de site internet Paris & POS Systems for cafes.


The cost of setting up your business online or offline is completely up to you and your budget. The cost can be trimmed, if you have ample of knowledge about setting up and running an e-commerce store. This can cut the cost of web development & design for you.

Melanie Cameron