What’s The Cost of Renovating a Domestic Bathroom?

Kitchen and bathroom unravel the true tale of any house. Why? a Because this two section of the house need maximum maintenance and cleanliness. The requirement of getting your bathroom renovated comes when minor fixtures cannot get it improved. Bathroom renovation is a bit long and hefty process to go one with. For this, you don’t just need to spare more time but need to spend your savings as well.

The cost & time duration for refurbishing a domestic or commercial are completely different. Apart from this, there are countless factors that add to the overall appearance of bathroom revamping. Here are few of them-

  1. Bathroom area – One of the major aspects of deciding the exact amount completely depends on the area of the bathroom. Once, the area is measured aptly, then comes deciding the work required to be done.
  1. Type of maintenanceBathroom renovation is done through different mediums & in different types. One is where you get done with the temporary work but in the other one, a deeper analysis of the bathroom is performed.
  1. The raw material used – There are homeowners who aren’t able to afford good quality tiles or flooring material, but at the same time, another can. This brings a great difference in the entire amount of getting your bathroom renovated.
  1. No. of workers – The number of workers also show a great impact on the total cost of renovating your bathroom.

Coming up with the exact amount of expenses is a bit hard but yes you can always get to know about the different fixes which need to be executed under bathroom renovation. Here’s a detailed overview of the different aspects of renovating your bathroom, along with its amount of expenses. Take a look; you never know how it can help you get a better idea of refurbishing your bathroom.

  1. Bathtub installation – Once the basic repair is done, the first thing is the installation of the bathtub which is a bit risky as it is quite heavy in weight. For this purpose, sparing at least $6,000 – $8,000 is a must.
  1. Floor installation – The biggest part of a bathroom and kitchen renovation is setting up a new floor. It require $5,000 – $7,000 minimum. This is when you choose the right kind of bathroom flooring tiles. The price may vary according to the bathroom area or quality of bathroom tiles.
  1. Leaking shower repair – Refurbishing the leaky shower or other toiletries is also a great task to do. For this, you need to spare at least $3,000 – $4,800 including your bathroom toiletries cost. It may include- fixation of the basin, toilet seat, showers, taps, a hand dryer (if required) a knee-length mirror and much more.
  1. Re-installing lights – Apart from all the factors, lighting is something which plays an eminent role in the bathroom renovation. Spare $1,100 – $1,700 for this.

The final word-

Renovating bathroom can be a tricky thing, in terms of expenses and sparing enough time. For this, you must seek the advice of an experienced person who can let you have a better overview of all the aspects associated with it.

Melanie Cameron