How much does it cost to open a new chicken shop?

Irresistible craving for juicy chicken often lands up many of globally renowned destinations like- KFC, McDonald’s, Nisbets or Burger King. Such brands have proved to be a happy hunting ground for non-vegan foodies. But then think for how long can you visit such restaurants to put your eating curiosity on rest?

To find out a lasting solution to this problem all you can do is either undergo cooking classes or open your own chicken shop. However, it sounds a bit challenging but to reap profits & keep your passion alive simultaneously, this is the best thing you could ever opt for.

Setting up any restaurant or food corner may sound like a child’s play but it’s really not. Be it the interiors or getting the best and helpful catering equipment, it includes every aspect. All such factors, if executed aptly can take your business to the skyrocketing heights and you never know when you turn out to be one of the competitors for global brands like- McDonald’s, KFC, etc.

Now, of course, to give a kickass start to your dream of being the restaurant owner, you need to be sufficiently available with a good capital amount to execute all the practices.

In order to let you have a better idea of the same, here is what you need to know about.

  1. Restaurant store– In order to start up your business, it is a must to have a commercial property where you can set up your business aptly. For this purpose, you are available with two different options either go for buying the property or rent it. If you think you can manage to buy property and if not then the option to rent is always available for you. The prices for both purposes may vary according to the country policies and property rates.
  1. Legal documentation– Commencing business comes with countless challenges. For it, you need to have a certificate and complete legal papers for the same. It may cost you around $5000 or less.
  1. Catering equipment– Giving your restaurant business a right direction (4oz in grams) is only possible when you know which the best and eminent catering equipment required are. To set up a perfect kitchen you may need to have commercial deep fryers, spatulas, soldering irons, commercial convection ovens, pans, Unox ovens and other necessary kitchen supplies in Sydney. To cut cost on your part, make sure to buy equipment from a wholesaler which can help you avoid burning a hole in your pocket. As the range of equipment is quite heavy, you may need to spare $2000 approximately. Learn How Much Does It Cost To Open A Coffee Shop?
  1. Staff members– To execute all the work, you need skilled staff members for which sparing $4000- $5000 is common. Rest, it completely depends on the strength of your staff.

The bottom line-

Everyone dreams to earn well, especially from their own business. To make it possible, pitching for the right deal can let you have more than you ever expected. But fore-mostly, to commence it all make sure to invest in your property wisely.

Melanie Cameron