Energy Healing Sessions in Sydney for Families

Energy has a particularity: universally recognized in all cultures in different forms, nobody knows how to define its essence. Despite everything, it has a healing potential for the body, which I reveal to you with 7 simple rules to put into practice.

From an etymological point of view, energy means “which sets in motion”. For scientists, however, energy remains a mystery, because we can only define it by its effects on matter: electrical, thermal energy, etc.

Energy as a health factor

We can measure the impact of energy on the human body and the healing techniques that use it essentially refer to three worldviews validated by recent scientific studies: in the shamanic vision, all living beings are bathed in a energy matrix that connects them; in the Indian vision, energy is expressed through the chakras and auras; in the Chinese vision, these are meridians.

These visions are not mutually exclusive, they complement each other. The common point of these practices is the movement of energy and its free circulation in the body, which guarantees our health.

I define energy as information in motion. Thoughts, words, emotions and even symptoms are messages from our body that help us restore our balance or stay healthy.

Here are 3 rules written by Energy Healing Sydney Center – a family and community center.

Rule 1: my body has the answers

Not only does my body have all the information, it also does not lie! You can ask him about what is right for you. Try the following exercise.

Close your eyes, breathe calmly. Think of something sad, someone you don’t like, or a difficult time in your life.

Feel the movement that this thought produces in your body; you can feel emptied, heavy, dark … The sensations are different for each, it is yours that matters.

Now think of something happy and see the variation in your body.

Without moving, with your thoughts, you changed your inner state and your energy. By becoming aware of these variations in your daily life, you will quickly identify what is best for you and what you should rather avoid.

Rule 2: energy follows intention

We just saw that our thoughts have an immediate impact on our energy, so we can direct it to a diseased organ or a painful part of our body, or simply focus on our well-being to maintain our balance.

If you see yourself as someone who is sick and helpless, you are not empowering your body to heal itself and you need to start a process of self care. So think, feel full of life and energy, it’s good for your health!

Rule 3: energy is neutral

Since energy is information, there is no good or bad energy; what will make the difference is what you choose to do with this information, it is your actions.

For example, anger, when you know how to transform it, is a great engine for your creativity; it is for example thanks to her that I wrote my books!

James Fellon