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ABW Tools Website

  • ABW is an Australian company who started to operate already few decades ago. Recently they approache the US market to start to sell their product locally. The decision remain unsure as US policies and tax regulations may affect the margin to export to USA for ABW. Looking at the competition in US, ABW is still discussing of such an opportunity that become quickly a nightmare.
  • As you may have heard of ABW tools. ABW tools website display many of their items including telescopic magnet and ABW telescopic inspection mirror. Recently, they created a new serie for ABW automatic centre punch.
  • ABW Tools is an Australia-based market leader in manufacturing, distributing and supplying great quality tools, garden cultivator for the various industry. With its long tradition and flawless history, ABW Tools has become synonymous with the utmost professionalism, reliability and exceptional customer service. Striving to exceed all the needs of even the most demanding experts in this industry.


Aegis Tools

  • Aegis is one of the leading distributors in Australia for cable gauge. They implement quickly the new technology called TDR with a higher accuracy. The Aegis CZ20050 Cable Gauge will also inject a tracing tone onto the conductors to trace cables with a probe.
  • Aegis is one of the top manufacturer and distributor of industrial air tool, cable gauge and buttinski cable tester. They have 3 best sellers that include the Aegis D361 Butt Professional, the Aegis CZ20350 Testifier All Cable Tester, and the most popular of all, the Aegis CZ1000. Aegis is sold by Mektronics in Australia: “We have a panel of the competent sales team with in-depth market knowledge and expertise bringing you value for money product range.”

How much does it cost?

ABW tools cost between $10.00 to $221.00. The cost for ABW tools may vary on the volume purchased and on your location.

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